A common problem for many industries is to maintain the thermal heat transfer surfaces clean from soot build ups. Over the decades, a range of soot removing applications have been introduced to the market with little or limited success.

Traditional sonic soot blowing solutions include fog horn, which operates in the frequency range of  110-360 Hz, and sinusoidal infrasound at the range of 15-30 Hz, both generated by compressed air. Both solutions work with statically assigned frequencies. A change in the boiler temperature also changes the sound’s resonance frequencies, which requires costly manual adjustments. Installation of described solutions usually involves a relatively large intervention in the existing application. Extra investments could also be required in terms of compressed air equipment to run the devices. Operation cost is also high.

The history of AVS 

The founder of AVS, Harry Johansson, came in the year 2005-2006 in contact with traditional sonic soot blowing solutions. He then saw many of the challenges that the customers were experiencing with these devices. To find a better solution on the problem he set up a project team that began experimenting with alternatives. An essential point was to create a versatile product that could change its properties during operation. It should also be easy to install, have a low operative cost and low harmonic sound outside of the application.

To succeed with these ideas, they had to “think outside of the box”. After many hours of testings and development, they came up with an infrasound soot blowing device, powered only by electricity. In the year of 2007 a series of tests in both laboratory and boiler environments was performed. The choice has always been to hasten slowly. The first real commercial product was installed in the year of 2012 and is still in operation showing very positive results. During the development work, researchers in the field of infrasound and its impact on various environments has been consulted.

AV Sootblower – the solution
The end product is a unique sonic soot blower, using dynamic frequencies during probing, also known as Infra Dynamic TM. The product scans a frequency spectrum at each probe to ensure that the desired resonant frequency is always covered. The product is made up of two parts, Resonator and AVS control cabinet. It is simple to install, requiring only a connecting resonator duct to the application, and 230 V for the control cabinet.